In Jinx A Dark and Stormy Night, Jinx a kid dressed in a ghost costume is trick or treating. He decides to give the "abandoned mansion" a chane. He says trick or treat and gets no answer, so he goes inside and is locked in. You then need to find the objects to progress in the game. At the end you find Dr. Frantic and his robot assistant. Dr. Frantic tells you to do something and Jinx presses the wrong button leading them to Jinx

In Jinx 2 Miracle in the 34th Dimension, Jinx, Dr. Frantic, and Dr. Frantic's Robot Assitant end up at the Evil North Pole. Jinx falls off the mountain top on a sled and it is unknown how Dr. Frantic got down. The Robot Assitant never got down. Jinx will then go to the Lumpa Coal Mine to progress through the game. In the end Dr. Frantic makes a portal to get out of the 34th Dimension, using his robot assitant's spare parts. Dr. Frantic keeps talking so by the time he hits the machine with his foot the elf that helped Evil Santa cmes along with them to Jinx 3

In Jinx 3 Escape from Area 52, Jinx, Dr. Frantic, and The E.L.F. get thrown in jail after the government guys thought The E.L.F. was an alien. Jinx gets put in one jail cell while Dr. Frantic gets put in another you then need to figure out how to progress in the game the E.L.F. was put in a different room.